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your own shirt made in Sweden!

Made in Sweden
Swedish quality & terms of employment
  • Tailor-made on order
  • Organic fabric COTS certified
  • Second hand​ on sale
  • Personal design​ from 349 SEK

Second hand

on sale


on order

Made in Sweden​

Swedish quality & terms of employment

Organic fabric ​


Personal design

from 349 SEK

Start designing


(Men and women)​

Design fr. 749 SEK


(Men and women)

Design fr. 349 SEK

Thin Sweatshirt

(Men and women)

Design fr. 549 SEK

Thick Sweatshirt

(Men and women)​

Design fr. 649 SEK

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Unique Swed

(Men and women)

Buy fr. 499 SEK

Natures Gold

(Men and women)​

Buy fr. 549 SEK

Flower Power

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(Men and women)​

Buy fr. 349 SEK


(Men and women)​

Buy fr. 549 SEK

Second Hand

(Men and women)

Buy fr. 594 SEK

Sustainable Production in Sweden

We took the choice to sew our shirts in Sweden because of many reasons. One of them is Sweden’s ethical working conditions, wages and working environments. As a customer, we can guarantee that the sewing of your shirt is right. The Swedish quality we get on the shirts is very unique and durable, which means that it can be used longer. The transports are much shorter when you have the production in Sweden and we use 100% recyclable e-commerce cartons which is the best environmentally friendly option to pack our shirts.

Think about where your shirts are made and under which work environments, wages, working conditions and what impact it has on the environment. Is there anything you can stand for?

GOTS - Certified fabric

We use organic grown cotton with GOTS certification. This means that the production of our fabrics is ethical, sustainable and has a very high quality. GOTS certification is also one of the toughest environmentally friendly certifications a fabric can get. The fabric contains 95% organic cotton and 5% Lycra which gives a soft feel with stretch.

Custom made after ordering

All the shirts we sew are sewn after ordering, which means that you as a customer can influence the fit of your shirt. This makes your shirt probably the only item in the world. We call that unique. Personally, I usually add 2 cm longer sleeves when I order from my imaginary.

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